Our Mission:
StarPerformance Coaching/Consulting is passionate about assisting individuals and companies in reaching their highest potential. We facilitate development from high performance to star performance.
Our Philosophy:
Great people make great companies. All who desire greatness deserve to have the individualized tools, maps and consistent inspiration to be all they can be. StarPerformance digs in with individuals, teams, companies to discover what it takes for each to achieve greatness…and provides just that. It’s the that that results in Star Performance.
Our Products - Our Services:
…”The That”… Every product and service is custom tailored and designed to exactly fit the unique needs, desires and goals of each individual, each team and each company.

Our Exclusive Emotional Intelligence Enhancement Program -
Since twenty years of research found that emotional intelligence accounts for two-thirds of success, in the 1990s, StarPerformance created the premier emotional intelligence enhancement tools tailored to business professionals. Emotional Intelligence encompasses every aspect of interpersonal interaction within, between and among individuals, teams, and departments. We facilitate Star Performing Emotional Intelligence Enhancement for Star Performing Success.

Our Excellence in Leadership Program

For the creation of a star performing leadership excellence program, Star Performance selected the top 10 competencies of superior leaders to assist in:
  • The development of new leaders
  • The continuing enhancement of existing leaders.

The leaders who have participated in our cutting-edge program say it is by far superior to all other such programs in which they have participated.

Our Premier Targeted & Customized 360 Feedback StarPerformance created a one-page targeted 360 on-line audit that does so much more than provide numerical ratings to standardized questions. From each of the circle of selected observers, it gives

  • Specific performance enhancement suggestions on what it would take to become a StarPerformer performing in the top 95 to 100% range.

  • A method for obtaining post-development feedback from the same observers on the same suggestions a year later.

Stress Mastery & Burn-out Prevention
Executive Excellence
Peak Performance Achievement
Results-Focused Management
Synergistic Supervision
Visionary and Strategic Planning
Developing High Potentials
Creativity and Innovation
Succession Planning
Change Management
Career Development/Career Renewal and Resilience
Relational and Intersubjective Approaches
Knowledge and Skill Development/Transfer
Team Development/Redevelopment
Effective Communication
Conflict Management and Mediation


“Karen possesses excellent expertise in the key areas of emotional intelligence, personal growth, skill building, and effective collaboration. I am particularly impressed with the way Karen is able to establish rapport and develop an effective basis of moving forward, even with those who have previously not taken to, or even shunned personal coaching. Does it make a difference? Yes. In addition to the testimony of those whom Karen has coached, I have often heard independent recognition from co-workers of the coached who have noted the real differences that they attribute to Karen’s coaching.”

William H. Frye
Director of Engineering
Raytheon Vision Systems

“As a manager at Raytheon Vision Systems, I am grateful to have been enrolled in several programs that have better equipped me to lead a department (the Hi-Potential Program, Leading for Value, UCLA’s “Frontline Supervision,” and the Engineering Leadership Development Program).
Without question, performance coaching with Karen Duncum has been the most helpful in giving me practical ways to improve my leadership/performance. The 1-on-1 time is a much better learning environment—especially with a program that can be tailored to the individual”

Jeff Hamers
Focal Plane Design Manager
Raytheon Vision Systems

“I would recommend Karen Duncum as a personal development mentor unlike any other with human qualities uncommon to the field. She has the capacity to listen, to hear and to sensitively reveal performance-blocking qualities in individuals prior to which were unknown to them and thereby producing openings for increased capacities – all essential for permanent change!”

Robert Shafer, Ph.D.
Pacifica Graduate Institute
Adjunct Professor of Psychology


  • CEO’s; CFO’s; COO’s
  • University Faculty
  • Senior Vice Presidents; Vice Presidents
  • Senior Directors; Senior Managers
  • Directors; Managers
  • Technical Professionals: Engineers; Scientists; Researchers; Computer Programmers; Technical Writers
  • Supervisors; Project and Program Directors
  • Professionals: Sales; Marketing; Entrepreneurs; Attorneys; Administrators; Professional Coaches; Therapists; Analysts
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Private Clients
Selected CLIENTS:

Raytheon Vision Systems

Atlas Van Lines Corporate Domestic

Raytheon Electronic Warfare Operations

Atlas Van Lines Corporate International

Raytheon Santa Barbara Remote Sensing

Braille Institute

Raytheon Learning Institute

Santa Barbara Regional Health Authority

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The Executive Committee

Morter Health Systems International
Wesely-Thomas Enterprises

Braum Ice Cream & Dairy Stores-National

Heritage House

Presbyterian Health Centers

University of Idaho

Hoffman & Associates

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